Getting Started with Parcel Distributors

Saving $$ is as easy as 1-2-3

Welcome to Parcel Distributors, your cloud provider of discounted shipping rates from the same domestic and international parcel carriers that you already know. Because Parcel Distributors utlizes a cloud-based, proprietary software so there is not any special hardware required. All you need is a web browser and a printer that can print PDF files; and in a few easy steps you can be saving money on shipping rates. And remember, there is not ever any cost to you to use Parcel Distributors.

The process consists of three easy steps.
Setup the shipping accounts
Provision the shipping portal
Train the User and Deploy the shipping portal

The first step in the process is setting up new shipping accounts.

Depending on your situation, you might be keeping your existing shipping account and adding new accounts. But in either case, the process will be the same

Assemble your information

If you have not already provided your current shipping details, you will need to provide:
  • Invoices for the most recent month for all your carriers
  • Total annual spend on carriers.
  • Company Name, Address and Primary Contact Information

Send these files to Parcel Distributors will use these files to request and get approval of discounted shipping rates from an authorized Parcel Distributors rate provider.

The next step is to provision the new shipping accounts The Parcel Distributors Web Portal


When your new carrier account is approved, you will receive an email from confirming your approval and pointing you to a web site to setup your payment account.
The email will also contain your login credentials. Please follow all of the instructions in the email to setup your new account.


If you are shipping to international addresses, then a DHL account will be setup for you. There is nothing for you to do.


If you have requested a discounted USPS account, you will receive an email from confirming your request. Please follow the instructions in the email pointing you to a web site to set up your pay account.

The last step in the process is training on Parcel Distributors' Web portal.

Once all of the accounts are setup, Parcel Distributors will deploy your shipping portal and schedule training. You will receive an email with the link to the shipping portal and your access credentials. You are free to login on your own or wait for the training session.

That’s It!

You are now ready to start saving money on every shipment using your new rates and Parcel Distributors.

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